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Freelance, Self employed workers.        Casual labour.  

Safety risk assessments with written report from £20 per hour 

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Risk of COVID will continue and legally a risk assessment document may help keep all safe in the future.
Safety #COVID risk assessments with written report from £20 per hour 
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Our Services

  • Rochdale Direct Services.UK- offering Labour services for home and business,
  • Do you work self employed , looking for casual labour in Rochdale or Northwest ?
  • When Agency workers might not be the answer?
  • Its a free service to list your business on our Social media pages , inquire for estimates or work placements. 

Construction @ Home Business needs.

Services and labour - we are offering or referring local self employed contractors with differing hourly rates to suit your construction needs. you tell us what construction needs you require.  we will look at our data base for a suitable worker or business. 

Services and Labour - local self employed crafts workers, covering Home and business needs. 

Painting decorating, Joinery, glazing , flooring, tiling, plumbing, electrical. building services.  add your services, home business needs for Free..  

Landscape Gardening

Service and Labour - Local landscape and maintenance self employed workers with differing rates, to suit your gardening budget. Main contractor Greens Gardening.ome and Business maintenance contracts available.

Business services.

Out sourcing your work load, can save time and money.

  • Freelance HRM reports services. 
  • Safety and risk assessment reports.
  • Social media page building and management.
  • Promotions and advertising. 

If your Home or Business has labour needs ?  message we may be able to help - or add your services, so we can refer you.

   Please read our legal disclaimer. on About page 

RDS is a free service, if your happy with our service.        Voluntary donations, are very welcome from employers and employees, to continuing our services to help others in the future. 

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